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We are committed to offer the most reliable services catering to the varying needs of Corporate, Governmental and Institutional bodies. USDS specialises in the provision of General Security and Integrated Services. Over the years we have developed unparalleled ability to combine customer care and risk management. This enables Vigil 24x7 to achieve the highest levels of security while maintaining the pleasant, friendly and inviting nature of the organisations we serve.

The broad range of guarding services we offer includes:
Guarding Service
Static Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
Patrol Guards (Armed/Unarmed)
Escorts Services (Armed/Unarmed)
Event Security/Industrial Security
ATM Security
Security Supervisors

Listed below are a few of our most frequently requested investigation services.

--Personal Investigations
Pre Matrimonial Checks
Sting Operations
Infidelity / Adultery / Divorce
Loyalty Checks
Missing Person Tracing
Drug Abuse
Theft & Pilferage --Corporate Investigations
Pre/Post Employment Verifications
Assets Search
Workers Compensation Claims
Mystery Shopping
Due Diligence
Under Cover Operation
Insurance Claims
Corporate Espionage
--Housekeeping Services
Housekeeping Staff
Pantry Boy
Office Boys and assistants
--Others Services
Spy Gadgets

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